It’s a digital world

Working today means working in a digital world. Working in a digital world means we need to feel comfortable and confident using tools we are familiar with, but using more of the power and features that they offer. Word and Excel are the first to come to mind.

In addition it means being comfortable and confident as we discover and master collaborative tools such as Trello for non-IT projects and screen sharing, web conference tools.


Learn by doing

Students adapt “by doing” with the support of our language coaches, not learning more theory about “Digital Transformation”. This added value is on top of the linguistic aspect of PhonePill. Consequently, companies double the effectiveness of their time and monetary investment with us.

Following feedback from our students, we created a focused program called “PhonePill Digital”. It aims to bring extra value to students and their companies. While students improve their English, they also improve the “digitalization” skills that they need in their day-to-day work life.

“PhonePill Digital” builds on our usual approach by incorporating specific, targeted content.

Often, the digital world can be disorienting and moves too fast. Many of our PhonePill students have appreciated the complementary, practical and patient support that we give them use and navigate our online learning platform.

They tell us that it helps them to feel more comfortable as they adapt to their own company’s digital transformation initiatives.


Improve your digital skills at the same time as you improve your English!