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Y esto es lo que opinan...

“I asked for face to face classes in my office and was surprised when HR asked me to think about and try phone based sessions.
They have turned out to be better than I expected. The situation is closer to my professional reality than face to face sessions as over 80% of my communication is by telephone.
I enjoy having a stable teacher for a period of time and then changing teacher to re-stimulate me with a change of accent. All in all, excellent!”

Affinity Pet Care, Finance Director

Mis expectativas, al igual que el pasado año, es de continuar mejorando mi conversación. Estoy muy contento con el método empleado, por eso he decidido repetir este año.

Coty, Indirect Buyer & European WWP Master Data Specialist

I’m happy because I’ve had the chance to develop my conversation skills talking with different teachers with different accents.

Accelya Worlds, Vivaldi BPO Operations Analyst

What I like most is the correction of my mistakes with help and ideas to try to improve. Nobody has before insisted on this and now I’m re-educating my listening and reading and I can understand many more words when I talk with foreign suppliers, listen to music…
Before, I have tried conventional methods, but the results were not so successful. PhonePill is much more dynamic! It moves you into an English or American environment.

Coty, Components Planner

Concerning my teacher, I have to say she is awesome, and very perseverant in making sure that I learned and understood everything she taught me.
She is a very good professional and I learned a lot in this course. It was a really nice experience.

Cuatrecasas, Lawyer

I can improve my colloquial language with common expressions, and continue advancing in use English. I feel free in my sessions to ask any doubt that I want clarify.

P&G, Site planner

Qué alegría retomar las clases con vosotros! Ya las echaba de menos!!
I’m very happy because I think it’s an incredible system to learn English!!! I enjoy it a lot!

Jaguar Land Rover, Sales

Great experience! As you know I have a lot of meetings out of office, and my schedule sometimes is unpredictable. Your lessons give me the freedom to have a lesson wherever I want and need.
I need/want speak English very, very well. To achieve this goal is a marathon and with your method I think is possible to reach it.

P&G Portugal, Account Executive

Creo que ya he conseguido algo durante el curso anterior y por esta razón he decidido continuar con vosotros. Vuestro método es muy útil y ameno. Os felicito.

Coty, R&D Manager

While having a conference call with my colleagues in the US, it was hard for me to understand the whole conference, and I thought that maybe I was not able to catch the words. I have improved my concentration and detection of words, and it makes me feel more confident.

Coty, R&D Nails Chemist

Flexibility and phone, as phone is a typical scenario for my conversations.
I’m happy with teachers trying to correct my errors. They are always nice and rigorous to correct them. For example my pronunciation for “Also” was wrong, and it’s really inside my brain, but they push me to change it.

Coty, Global Materials Supply Planning Program

I really like the teacher because she always corrected my mistakes and my pronunciation, again and again. So, I think you really improve this way.
The lessons were fun and at the same time you are learning even without realizing it. I remember that some videos and songs were very funny too and interesting. The structure of the classes was perfect, the correct time, different topics every day, a lot of online homework, the same teacher everytime…
This is the best method for learning any language for me because you really talk English. First of all because there are good teachers and secondly, because the process is different, more interactive, more useful than learning with ordinary methods. So I really recomend PhonePill to anyone.

Carla, Pharmacist

I can practice and learn English in a very practical way with a very flexible time scheduling. Teachers, subjects and methodology 10/10

Banca March Director Territorial España

Now, basically I am working with International Customers like Carrefour, Walmart, Tesco and so on. Your “teachers” helped me a lot in order to develop some skills to negotiate with these customers.”

Henkel, Global Sales: Head Int’l Key Accounts

I feel very comfortable when talking to the teachers. There’s a good working atmosphere. If I didn’t have time to listen to the track, the teachers always would find other exercises or conversation topics.

IBEC, Director HR

I’m enjoying the course a lot. I think it is really positive to have a relaxed conversation by phone to get over my shyness about speaking English. Teachers are very friendly as well. I think it is a very good approach for English lessons.

Banc Sabadell, Directora

It gives me the opportunity to have one to one classes, listen to different accents and gain fluency in English. I can schedule my classes according to my needs and I am able to access the platform from home at any moment.

Syngenta, Marketing Services

Realice curso intensivo con PHONEPILL 20 minutos diarios durante +- 10 meses y el resultado fue muy positivo. Ahora me desenvuelvo mucho mejor en las conversaciones y diferentes calls en inglés.
Profesorado muy profesional, las sesiones se realizan con diferentes profesores y acentos, punto este muy importante ya que el oído se va adaptando a ello.
Totalmente recomendable.

Syngenta, Warehouse Manager

Que buenísima noticia que volvamos a tener clases de inglés con vosotros!

Jaguar Land Rover, Remarketing Manager

First, one “practical” issue : This system matches perfectly with my agenda Second, because it’s perfect to take advantage of the class more than to be in a group. This system requires a higher attention on each session for the student, more than in a group. It’s perfect to practise different accents with different teachers.

Henkel, National Account Manager

I’m very happy with PhonePill. I think it’s an incredible system to learn English!!! I enjoy it a lot!

Jaguar Land Rover, Marketing